Red Spark

THE RED SPARK STRATEGY TEAM is a premier digital consulting and marketing agency focused on driving results for your organization.

Our client’s success is always top priority. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and working with other agencies who are the best at what they do.


Email Housefile

Your Email list will be your most valuable digital asset, and you need an experienced team managing it. Our team of digital experts will manage: the warm up process, inboxing strategy, list segmentation, content, graphic design, & reporting. We have experience managing email files of all sizes, from a few thousand to tens of millions.

Email Prospecting

To grow your email housefile, you need to find new supporters and donors. We have decades of experience and relationships with brokers to track down almost any list or data set you’d want to target.

SMS Housefile

Six years ago, text message fundraising did not exist. Now it needs to be an integral part of any successful digital operation. We have the knowledge and experience to help navigate the legal and technical hurdles to running a successful shortcode program.

SMS Prospecting

Much like email prospecting, cell phone numbers are beginning to flood the market. We can work to better target the millions of numbers out there to find the donors looking to support you and your causes.

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